Cheer Medal Project Team

Satoshi Hamakawa Chief Executive Officer Chief Vision Officer Creating a world view

After starting a business in 2008, he has consistently worked as a consultant in the field of web marketing.
He has gained experience as an expert who can solve a wide range of business issues regardless of industry or business type, from developing an organization activation application using AI to improving the efficiency of corporate sales using the Web.
In 2018, Blockchain’s business, including Japan’s first blockchain and dApps local currency “Yell TOYAMA” project, attracting attention as an empirical project to expand the local economy with Blockchain technology, and then succeeding in collaboration with banks Engaged in utilization and started activities as the general producer of the 2019 Cheer Medal Project.
Many books and writings

Hidehiro Urata
Strategy adviser Global marketing adviser

Responsible for system development, new business development, and finance operations at Nissho Iwai Co., Ltd., then responsible for business investment at Toshiba Corporation’s management planning department, and represented the acquired e-commerce business company. Successful business as a serial entrepreneur

Hiroto Kato


Gunji Otani

Chief Designer

Shigeru Arita


Kiyoto Kanda

I am now COO and Company Secretary of Crypto Raising Limited newly established in London in March.
All of our management team are Japanese, and just started business in UK.
Our aim is to become No.1 in Crypto Asset related business througout the world.
In this Crypto industry now, there are lots of small and skillful people.
My plan is to integrate each specialist and make general Crypto Asset to share with people.

I would like to discuss with you about the future of Crypto business.